We Advocate For Your Rights

We Advocate For Your Rights

At Weltz Law, we focus on helping you recover any funds that you might have lost through fraud. Investors in Baltimore, Maryland are often aware of how easy it is to lose money despite the safeguards that are in place. For example, stockbrokers can undertake a series of transactions designed to generate commissions for themselves rather than helping you achieve your financial goals. Such fraudulent activity is usually hard to prove unless you bring onboard experts such as Weltz Law. We have attorneys who have many years of experience helping clients recover money lost through fraud. Don’t give up if you have been a victim of such fraud, get in touch with us instead for help.

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The City of Baltimore lies in the State of Maryland and is home to the John Hopkins University among several other institutions. Baltimore is the largest independent metropolis in the country and home to approximately 700,000 people. The city is part of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area and the city was once a major manufacturing hub. Today, the city’s economy is powered by a diverse range of industries including tech and service industries.

Why You Need Securities Litigation Attorneys

Why You Need Securities Litigation Attorneys in Baltimore, Maryland


One of the hardest things to detect is a Ponzi scheme. This is because most of these schemes often pose as legitimate businesses or even pretend to be multilevel marketing companies. One of the telltale signs that can alert you about the true nature of a Ponzi scheme is the fact there is usually no product and revenue is mostly generated through recruiting new members. If you think you have lost money through a Ponzi scheme, Weltz Law can help. We have helped many Americans recover millions of dollars lost through Ponzi schemes and other forms of fraud.

Our attorneys at Weltz Law have a wealth of experience representing stockbrokers and so we understand how many of these frauds are perpetrated.

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When you come to Weltz Law for help, you can be sure that we have got your back. We understand that when you have suffered such a loss, you are likely to want to give up. At Weltz Law, we fight aggressively to help you get your money back. Indeed, we have litigated claims in excess of $50 million dollars for our clients. You can be sure that we will keep you in the loop every step of the way.

If you are looking for experienced securities litigation attorneys who can serve clients in Baltimore, feel free to reach out to Weltz Law for a free case evaluation. You may also call us at 877-935-8952 or fill out this online form.