We Advocate For Your Rights

We Advocate For Your Rights

Living in closer proximity to Hollywood and Silicon Valley than the rest of the nation, Californians are exposed to numerous cases of investment and broker fraud in the media. But what happens when you fall victim to fraud yourself, and are no longer on the other side of the story? With volatile market conditions and the increasing prevalence of fraud cases, it is important that you seek professional help if you ever become a victim.

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Home to Silicon Valley and Hollywood, it may come as no surprise that California is the largest sub-national economy in the world. As the third largest and most populous state, California’s most populous city is Los Angeles, where Hollywood is located. The Big Five film studios – Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, Columbia and Paramount – can be found in California, making the state a global leader in mass media. Fox, CBS, NBC and ABC also have facilities in the state. On top of that, tech giants Google, Apple and Netflix make up part of Silicon Valley, earning it the moniker the “global capital of technology”.

Why You Need Securities Litigation Attorneys

Why You Need Securities Litigation Attorneys in California


Thousands head to California every year with dreams of making it big, but how many actually do? Even if your investments look to be on the right track, there is one thing no market condition can prepare you for: fraud. Although a broker-client relationship is formed on the premise that the former should act in the latter’s best interests, that is not always the practice as countless cases have proven. Financial advisors have been found to run Ponzi schemes and fake securities schemes, cheating investors out of their hard-earned money.

If you discover that you have been the victim of fraud, do not hesitate – get in touch with Weltz Law, immediately. With years of experience handling all kinds of securities litigation cases, our knowledgeable attorneys can help to strengthen your claim and minimize your losses.

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Choose Weltz Law for Excellent FINRA Arbitration and Securities Litigation Attorneys in California

At Weltz Law, our attorneys have prior experience in representing financial advisors and brokers. That is why we are able to offer you an unique insider’s perspective into legal proceedings, putting you in an advantageous position if you engage us to advocate for your rights. We offer free case evaluations and in certain circumstances, you don’t pay attorney’s fees until after we have secured.

If you are looking for experienced securities litigation attorneys who can serve clients in California, feel free to reach out to Weltz Law for a free case evaluation. You may also call us at 877-935-8952 or fill out this online form.