We Advocate For Your Rights

We Advocate For Your Rights

As an experienced investor, you would already be aware of several safeguard factors that have been implemented within the securities market. Nonetheless, fraud cases are still being reported as we speak due to the presence of dishonest stockbrokers or financial advisors who are out to take advantage of vulnerable investors. Weltz Law is aware of risks that are posed by this unfortunate situation and we are here to help by offering the best legal services in town.

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Located in Michigan state, Detroit is the largest as well as the most populous city within the whole of the United States. The city is Wayne’s county seat whereas its municipality is populated with approximately 670,031 residents as per records shown in the year 2019. Detroit has a metropolitan area commonly known as Metro Detroit which is home to roughly 4.3 million residents and this figure ranks it at the second place for the largest area after the metropolitan area of Chicago.

Why You Need Securities Litigation Attorneys

Why You Need Securities Litigation Attorneys in Detroit, Michigan


An investor and a broker have a relationship that builds upon the foundation of trust. In addition, it is also a common belief that the broker will always make a decision that is in the best interests of the investor. However, this is not consistent for every case. Dishonest brokers work through countless decisions on their own and for the benefit of their financial gain. Previous cases had involved brokers making more commissions than what their investor were making. This scenario altogether creates doubt within the market and is a strong violation against the main principle of brokers which is to help investors achieve their individual financial goal.

Should you ever have to face this unfortunate event, securities litigation lawyers at Weltz Law can provide sound legal advice which will help through subsequent arbitration and litigation processes.

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At Weltz Law, you can expect to have the full support of our team of lawyers. With over 30 years of collective experience in the industry, we work in the best interest of every client. Rest assured that we will give our 100% once we have agreed to take on your case. Under certain circumstances, some cases may be accepted on the basis of contingency fee which does not require any legal fees until a recovery is obtained.

If you are looking for experienced securities litigation attorneys who can serve clients in Detroit, Michigan, feel free to reach out to Weltz Law for a free case evaluation. You may also call us at 877-935-8952 or fill out this online form.