We Advocate For Your Rights

We Advocate For Your Rights

Here at Weltz Law, we specialize in securities law as well as commercial litigation. This includes cases of fraud that is shown to typically affect the elderly. We also represent our clients in real estate cases, estate planning and administration issues. We are proud to serve clients in the city San Bernardino-Riverside and its surrounding areas around California. When you work with us, rest assured that you will be able to build a strong case because of our collective years of experience in the legal field.

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About San Bernardino-Riverside

San Bernardino is a city which can be found in the Inland Empire. It is located in the Southern region of California and acts as the county seat of San Bernardino County. The city takes up a large portion of the San Bernardino Valley. An interesting fact about this valley is that it was called “The Valley of the Cupped Hand of God” by the indigenous people who resided there. The Mediterranean climate is characteristic of San Bernardino with its hot summers and relatively warm winters.

Why You Need Securities Litigation Attorneys

Why You Need Securities Litigation Attorneys in San Bernardino-Riverside


At Weltz Law, we are in the business of resolving securities arbitrations in a win-win manner. We have a highly experienced and dedicated team of professional attorneys who work tirelessly to ensure the best for our clients. Rest assured that we have represented countless clients and institutions in cases regarding FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority). Some of these cases include the likes of insider trading, fraud, churning and breach of fiduciary duty.

Although not many citizens know this, FINRA can help to arbitrate disputes in a way that will deliver the best outcome for the parties at stake. Arbitration is a form of dispute resolution that helps to provide an alternative to standard litigation practices. Note that what goes on during an arbitration dispute is equally binding as compared to cases in court.

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Choose Weltz Law for Excellent FINRA Arbitration and Securities Litigation Attorneys in San Bernardino-Riverside

The key factor that sets Weltz Law apart from other law firms is that we truly care for our clients. Furthermore, we have more than 30 years of combined legal experience in this field. Thus, you can have the ease of mind that we will definitely fight for your case with all our efforts and resources. In some particular cases, we may take your case on a contingency basis.

If you are looking for experienced securities litigation attorneys who can serve clients in San Bernardino-Riverside, feel free to reach out to Weltz Law for a free case evaluation. You may also call us at 877-935-8952 or fill out this online form.